About RFID Revolution

We help organizations take advantage of radio frequency identification technology to improve operations and products--by educating employees with an engaging, Web-based training tool, RFID Essentials.  Users not only gain a solid grounding in the technology, but how to use it to improve results, how to measure those improvements, and how to plan a successful pilot project.  Our commitment to advancing RFID technology is based on its enormous potential to enhance the sustainability of global commerce and industry.

RFID Revolution is a woman-owned, small business located in the Washington, D.C. area. Our principals, senior information technology marketing professionals, are dedicated to the advancement of each client--in their eyes, and not just ours!

In 2005, RFID Revolution's founder, Leslie Downey, became convinced of the need for effective, online RFID training for end users and consultants. Our firm partnered with three of the RFID industry's most distinguished experts to develop RFID Essentials. Introduced in 2008, this e-learning course enables project team members and other professionals accelerate RFID initiatives and think more creatively about how to use RFID.  It has been well received by a diverse group of organizations around the globe.   

Based on the concept that people learn best by doing, RFID Essentials is interactive and sensory rich.  Users test their understanding in simulated, real-world scenarios. Concepts are illustrated in imaginative ways that help people remember. Passing the optional final exam certifies an individual's readiness to plan a pilot RFID project.    

RFID Revolution also offers market strategy consulting services around RFID and the Internet of Things.  We help vendors achieve growth and brand recognition by solving real end-user problems with real money behind them. We can assist in a variety of areas, including strategy development--the business model, product development, pricing, promotion, and sales channels--and market research. In our market-led approach, strategy is driven by the end-user marketplace.

We position end-user companies to make better investment choices by helping them identify the opportunities and risks presented by the rapidly evolving RFID industry, and to evaluate sourcing options.RFID Awards

We also provide customized briefings and market research services to associations, government agencies, investment firms, and law firms seeking to better understand the RFID marketplace.

RFID Revolution co-founded and administered the RFID Excellence in Business Awards, the first RFID industry awards event in North America, held at RFID World 2007.  The company sponsored and administered the second annual Awards event, at RFID World 2008, in Las Vegas.