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RFID Essentials delivers a higher return on your training investment

RFID Revolution's RFID Essentials is a unique, Web-based tool designed to quickly and cost effectively familiarize professionals in end-user organizations with radio frequency identification technology and its benefits.  With the knowledge from RFID Essentials, you can help your organization:

  • Identify the most promising RFID applications
  • Choose the RFID frequency and system best suited to each application
  • Find and measure the ROI
  • Plan a successful implementation

RFID Essentials is based on the concept that people learn best by doing.  It's a self-paced, "virtual workshop", accessible 24 x 7.  You can take the entire, eight-hour course and optional, final exam in one day or in segments over many days that fit your schedule.  And you can review and practice as much as you like, from the convenience of your office, home, or local coffee shop.

RFID is a key component of the Internet of Things.  It can drive dramatic efficiencies in manufacturing, commerce, healthcare, and other areas.  But mobilizing scores of people to implement this transformative technology means getting them up to speed and energized in a timely way.

On-the-job training is slow and provides exposure only to the knowledge and processes inside the enterprise.  On the other hand, outsourced classroom training often constitutes a passive, boring experience resulting in low retention.  As shown in the Learning Pyramid below, studies have shown that high quality e-learning featuring scenario-driven interaction promotes more rapid absorption and longer retention of foundation information than classroom training.

RFID Revolution's RFID Essentials harnesses the power of great e-learning to inform and mobilize employees in a timely way.  Highly interactive, sensory, and lively it emphasizes critical thinking and actionable knowledge rote memorization.  An abundance of real-world applications in a variety of industries helps widen your vision for RFID's potential in your organization.   

This RFID training is ideal for information technology, operations, finance, engineering, and sales professionals and managers who want to familiarize themselves with RFID technology without spending days or weeks reading or sitting in a classroom. 


Three recognized industry experts, with years of field implementation experience, collaborated with RFID Revolution's e-learning professionals to develop the vendor-neutral, comprehensive content.  The course features an optional, final examination.  A Certificate of Completion of RFID Essentials is provided to those with a score of 80 percent or higher on "Basic" questions or exercises.  Learners scoring 80 percent on the "Basic" and optional "Advanced" questions earn a Certificate of Mastery of RFID Essentials.

RFID Essentials is available to individual registrants and enterprises with multiple users