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RFID Essentials Web-based Training

What Our Customers Are Saying

Tom Stevens, Quality Control Specialist, Panasonic Avionics

This course is essential for anyone who wants to learn more about RFID. It includes information on the history of RFID, the uses of RFID, the different types of RFID, and much more. The course was full of visuals, virtual workshops, and knowledge checks in each section that ensured you are learning what is being taught. Don't pass up this awesome learning experience!

Peter Suh, New Concepts Manager

Goodyear chose RFID Essentials Web-based training to help a group of engineering and marketing professionals develop RFID working knowledge—at their pace and without incurring travel cost.  With the new Enterprise pricing for groups, the course is even more cost effective.  We wanted a learning resource that was engaging, that would help people really learn.  RFID Essentials is interactive and visual, much more lively than a book.

Henry Ford Health Care System


Joe Lucido, Technology Manager for Medical Projects

Healthcare is the last frontier regarding LEAN and process management in our [American] society.  The challenges are tremendous because of the truly personal nature of this business and the myriad of processes, regulations, and interactions.  RFID can enable positive change.  The RFID Essentials online course opened up a world of enabling technologies that I never knew existed.  The course discusses each type of RFID technology in detail and suggests environments for implementation.  It also provides the business justifications critical to implementing both RFID and LEAN.

RFID Essentials is the only forum that provides all this information in one place in a professional, organized manner. 

Mike Harris, Manager, Manufacturing IT

I found the graphical hands-on exercises very informative and easy to remember. Being able to match pictures of models to real-world scenarios, speeds student understanding.  The virtual hands-on assembly allows the student to move, rotate and position tags to see what effect orientation has on an installation.

Duncan Wallace, Manager, RFID • GPS • AutoID •  Label • Expertise Center

RFID Essentials provides a great way to learn about RFID--and one that is unique and beneficial to the RFID industry. I liked so many aspects of it, it's hard to single out anything in particular. I think the "virtual lab" experience was right on. What a great way to convey this type of activity without a real lab to work with! Bringing in EPCglobal standards was exactly the type of thing folks need to be aware of when implementing RFID. Implementing an RFID project was stressed very well, along with understanding the ROI (and various ways to determine value). Everything was well thought out and presented in a logical fashion. 

Ou Li

RFID Project Manager, Automotive Services

CHEP China

RFID Essentials provides a terrific starting point for someone who wants to thoroughly understand RFID technology. It helps inexperienced project team members evaluate the RFID solution options. For project members with a technical background, it provides a convenient way to learn how to size up opportunities and plan projects. I'm really looking forward to your next course!

Dr. Patrick King, Global Electronics Specialist

RFID Essentials is an excellent learning tool for end-user companies piloting or rolling out RFID applications. Because it’s online and very visual, it’s well adapted to global companies. My team particularly liked its imaginative, interactive exercises. The final exam is challenging, but a good measure of a person’s readiness to plan a pilot.

Will Hurst, Mobile Solutions Architect, AT&T Global Business Solutions

Overall I thought RFID Essentials was excellent!!!  It’s a great introductory course for people in a variety of functional areas.  The presentation, interface, and most importantly the content was very good.  I really liked:

  • the virtual lab  --  There is nothing like visualization and interaction to drive home a complex concept, and those exercises were very good.
  • how the course was laid back and laced with humor.
  • the quiz and test questions  --  They were interesting and challenging but were appropriate and straight forward.

Justin Baraga, Technical & Security Services Manager

RFID Essentials is outstanding!  It is rare that a self-paced course can prepare an individual to address both the business and technical considerations of RFID technology in such an interactive an effective manner.

Ron Rose, Vice President, Business Development

RFID Essentials provides a convenient, easy-to-understand way to learn about RFID.  It’s self-paced and uses a unique interactive method to introduce the technology and progress to advanced aspects of enterprise deployment.  The course prepares individuals to make informed decisions about how to implement the technology within their company.  Even if you are experienced using RFID technology, you can learn a lot from RFID Essentials about how RFID is being used today and what may be possible tomorrow.

Daniel Connolly, Sales Leader

RFID Essentials is a comprehensive training tool that includes virtual, hands-on demonstrations and step-by-step testing to ensure comprehension. Its lively and imaginative format is highly motivational.

John Kornak, Project Manager, Clinical Engineering, University of Maryland Medical Center

Our hospital has implemented an RFID for tracking patient charts, and we are now considering tagging equipment for better management.  I have found RFID Essentials Course 1 very useful, not only in helping me better understand the technology, but in building a business case for new RFID projects. 

This course is really, really good for someone just starting out in RFID. It covers everything they would want to know about, and the construction is perfect.  Some people will eventually need more specialized knowledge, but this course provides a great foundation on which to build.  You’ve got to walk before you can run!


I liked all the real-world examples, and thought the animations really helped to illustrate the principles.  The YouTag workshops were extremely helpful in cementing my understanding—I could keep trying until I’d mastered the skill.  Module 9, Implementing RFID for Positive ROI, is lengthy, but it really helps a person who wants to implement RFID to formulate a business case for their Finance group. The project management steps help save time getting started planning a pilot.  The detailed explanations of how to measure ROI could be very helpful for someone in Operations who needs to interface with Finance.

Peter Khademi, President, RFID International:
“I took RFID Essentials Course 1 to get quickly up to speed on RFID when I changed my technology focus as part of starting a new business.  I thought the course was superb—unlike any technology training I’d ever had.  The course is chock full of great content, so it was good to be able to go at my own pace, reviewing segments as needed.  What I liked best was the virtual workshops and other application simulations that gave me an opportunity to test my understanding.  I am recommending this course to my international associates.”  

C. R., information technology consultant:

“I got more useful content from this eight-hour course than I did from a three-day class from a well-known provider--and at less than half the cost!"     

Dr. Tony Mucciardi, President, Tree Radar, Inc. and Adjunct Professor, U.S. Naval Academy:

“This course is really comprehensive—nearly a semester’s worth of information.  But because it’s so efficient, it only takes eight hours to complete.  Our students were captivated by the animations and YouTag Virtual Workshop exercises.  They now have a better grasp of how radio waves can be used to identify and monitor objects.”      
D.M., healthcare industry vendor: 

 “This course was very easy to follow because the knowledge was well presented and real-life examples were used.  All the modules included activities and demonstrations, which I thought were very helpful because I am a visual learner.  I wish I’d taken this course before I started on our RFID project, instead of in the middle.  It would have given me a base of knowledge (a visual base, which is important in my case) that would have enabled me to be more productive from the start.  Instead, I had to learn about RFID from our systems team, which uses very technical terms.”

Lynn Wendt, IT Project Manager, financial services conglomerate: 

"For quite some time, I have wanted to learn more about RFID technology.  I think the global IT community is just beginning to scratch the surface with RFID and its potential use.  This course provided me with a comprehensive picture encompassing both the history of the technology and challenges ahead.  I was stimulated by the state-of-the-art way in which information was presented, and glad to be able to digest that information at my own pace."  

Greg Clawson, Vice President, Worldwide Sales & Marketing, Time Domain Corporation:

This course is really impressive.  I had expected the typical Powerpoint or WebEx presentation that’s peddled as “e-learning”, so imagine my surprise!  I think you have a great tool for anyone in an end-user or technology company who needs comprehensive and convenient RFID training.  Hats off on a job well done!”