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RFID Essentials is an interactive, Web-based training tool designed to help your organization use RFID to improve operations like supply chain tracking, asset tracking, and access control.

You learn the fundamentals of RFID technology, how to take advantage of it in your enterprise, and how to measure the return on investment.

Self-paced, RFID Essentials takes about eight hours to complete during the 60-day enrollment. It's ideal for information technology, finance, operations, and engineering professionals who want to learn RFID conveniently, without spending long hours in a classroom or reading.

It's stimulating, even entertaining! What are you waiting for?



RFID Essentials




Five questions RFID Essentials will help you answer:

  • What are the most promising RFID applications in your enterprise?
  • What's the right RFID architecture for a given application?
  • How do you integrate RFID data with you back-end system for business intelligence?
  • How do you evaluate an application's return on investment?
  • What are the steps in planning a successful pilot project?

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15-Minute Sample

Positioning RFID tags for readability




Our Experts
Our Experts
This vendor-neutral course was developed by Louis Sirico (left), Dr. Dan Dobkin (middle), and the late Craig K. Harmon, three of the industry's most distinguished experts.


“RFID Essentials is an excellent learning tool for end-user companies rolling out RFID applications. Because it’s online and very visual, it’s well adapted to global organizations. My team particularly liked its imaginative, interactive exercises. The final exam is a good measure of one's readiness to plan a pilot.”

Dr. Patrick King, Global Electronics Strategist, Michelin

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