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27 April, 2017 RFID Revolution Announces Partnership with Martec International
10 December, 2015 RFID Professional Institute Elects New Officers

24 April, 2013

Lockheed Martin Chooses RFID Essentials E-learning to Boost Productivity from RFID

29 November, 2010 New RFID Essentials Sample Exam Tests RFID Literacy
14 July, 2010 RFID Revolution Introduces Enterprise Pricing for Its RFID Technology Training
25 August, 2009
22 April, 2009 RFID Global Solution, Inc. and RFID Revolution Partner on Online RFID Training
24 March, 2009 Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Adds RFID Essentials Online Training Course
5 March, 2009 European Centre of Excellence for AIDC and RFID Revolution Partner to Provide Interactive RFID Online Training
28 February, 2009 On+qor Chooses RFID Essentials Web-based Training to Educate Its Brand Protection Customers
16 July, 2008 New, Web-based RFID Roulette Game Educates Public About RFID's Diverse Uses
10 July, 2008 2008 RFID Excellence in Business Awards to Showcase RFID's Green Benefits
3 March, 2008

Which Way Would You Rather Learn? New, User-Directed

E-learning Provides RFID Working Knowledge in Hours

27 March, 2007 Winners of First RFID Excellence in Business Awards Showcase Industry Diversity.  Companies Honored at CMP Technology’s RFID World 2007
26 March, 2007 RFID Revolution Unveils Powerful RFID Learning Tool 
26 January, 2007 Judges Selected for RFID Excellence in Business Awards at RFID World 2007  
11 December, 2006 CMP’s RFID World 2007 Debuts the Industry’s First RFID Excellence in Business Awards.  RFID Revolution Co-sponsoring and Administering Program